Mobility of African Scholars for Transformative Engineering Training

About MASTET Mobility Programme


MASTET brings together Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with well-established engineering postgraduate programmes for mutual support, synergy and re-enforcement of capacities to contribute to bridging the existing gaps in engineering skills and the technological development in Africa.

This 1.4 million EUR project is funded by the European Union for a five year period (2020-2024).

The project provides Master and PhD scholarships to students in 4 thematic areas:

  • Renewable Energy/Electrical Engineering
  • Water Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Environmental Engineering

Mission and Vision

MASTET Mission is to be a Leading HEI Partnership for Transformative Engineering Training in Africa and beyond

MASTET is therefore envisioned as a HEI Partnership to address the broad social-economic development agenda in Africa through carefully targeted engineering actions and training in affordable renewable energy and energy efficiency, water, environment and agricultural engineering.

Project Objectives:

Global Objective

The main objective of MASTET is to foster collaborative and harmonized higher education engineering training (HEET) that delivers quality graduates to research and develop technologies in the overlapping engineering areas of renewable energy, water, the environment and agricultural engineering, that are appropriate to addressing Africa’s challenges of poverty, access to energy, food security, climate resilience, jobs and inclusive economic growth.

Specific Objectives
The specific objectives of MASTET are to:
  • Enhance the skills and knowledge of Engineering students by leveraging on shared expertise and infrastructure of the partner HEIs
  • Strengthen the capacity of academic staff in teaching and applied research through staff exchange and joint activities aimed at sharing standards and quality assurance mechanisms
  • Strengthen the technical capacity of administrative staff in international mobility management, especially in the organisation and implementation of the mobility
  • Enhance the visibility of partner HEIs through international accreditation, contribution to engineering knowledge, and dissemination activities of the mobility
  • Build capacity in the engineering fields of renewable energy, water, environment and agricultural engineering and contribute to the availability of highly skilled Engineers for the labour market and the implementation of the Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy for Africa 2024 (STISA-2024).
For more information on the MASTET Mobility programme, visit any of the following partner universities websites